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Shop Built Equipment Forum Feature

This quick video shows a shop-built air lock in action. Does the job of a
rotary, but without the expense. Check it out at the Shop Built
Equipment Forum:

Featured Shop

All Wood Fine Interiors Limited manufactures millwork and much more
for public spaces throughout North America. Take a virtual stroll around
their 70,000 square foot facility in this post at the Shop Gallery.

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RouterCAD announces 3 great new products!

RouterCAM Express - gives you the ability to shape parts
and generate g-code and nesting. $995.00

Cabinets to Go - order entry program with RouterCAM for
nesting and g-code generation. $2995.00

AutoCabinets CNC Express - gives you the ability to design
cabinets, lay out a room, cutlisting and RouterCAM for g-code
and nesting. $3995.00


Hot Threads

Consistent difficulties with inconsistent drawer face installation are giving
this company headaches. How does your shop ensure perfect alignment,
the first time?

Suitable species for wingback chair frames are under review at the Furniture
Making Forum. First, let's decide on hardwood or softwood...

A discussion on cabinetmaker certification starts out silly, but gets serious
fast. Who certifies who, and what does all this stamp-of-approval stuff mean?

This video steps back to 1939 for a look at the Martin Guitar workshop, and a
few of the men who built instruments there. Take a break, tap your toes, and
enjoy the tour...

Featured Member Profile

Eric Olsen's business, Blue World Industries, is a manufacturing company
with the ability to take projects from prototype to finished product. Learn
more about Olsen's company at his member profile and website:

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C.R. Onsrud, Inc.:

Manufacturer of CNC routers, inverted routers, and routing accessories

Web highlights:
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  • 24 Hour Parts and Service
  • User Testimonials

  • www.cronsrud.com

    Knowledge Base Highlights

    See a complete list of the most recent additions to our Knowledge Base at:

    A load of insect-infested reclaimed wood may have contaminated a
    whole operation. What to do?

    To outsource or build in-house... This article makes positive arguments
    for both sides. Your decision should be based on the fine details that
    are specific to your business.

    Here's a good look at several shop-rigged solutions for bringing dust
    collection ducting to CNC equipment under low ceilings, with freedom
    to match the equipment's travel.

    When it comes to being the boss, are you a big softie? Letting an
    employee's bad judgment spill over into your business can cause
    problems on the shop floor. Toughen up, with this advice.

    How do you dry wood in a rainforest? The Wood Doc and others give
    this startup operation basic advice on processing exotic slabs

    If at first the fence on a European-made sliding table saw seems
    like a real pain in the butt, give it a chance to win you over...
    Here's some detailed advice on getting the most out of it.

    Recent Additions to the Woodworkers Directory

    The following companies recently created free web pages at the
    Woodworkers Directory. Create yours at:

    In Process Inc

    BarbS Woodworks

    The Finishing Touch

    Edward Jorgensen, Master Cabinetmaker

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    Focus on Building Your Business
    WMS Conference: The 2011 edition of the Woodworking Machinery
    & Supply Expo features the most comprehensive educational
    conference in the show's history. Choose from among more than
    15 topics including Lean Manufacturing, Finishing for the Small Shop,
    Cost Estimating and Marketing Your Business. Most of the
    presentations will be repeated on multiple days of the show. The
    advance registration fee is only $25 per session. Register today.
    Learn more:

    Video Pick

    TigerStop features a video showcasing the TigerSaw’s fully automatic
    option for extrusion cutting. To view the videos, click on the link
    below and scroll down to TigerStop's video link:

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