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	The WOODWEB Update - #127

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In this issue:

=> Artistic CAD/CAM Unveiled
(Breaking industry news)

=> Hot Threads
(A sampling of current forum discussions)

=> Knowledge Base Highlights
(The latest additions to this growing resource)

=> Value Added Wood Processing Forum Technical Advisor
(Stephen Bratkovich joins the discussion)

=> Industry Sales and Special Offers
(Martin announces machinery sale)


=> Artistic CAD/CAM Unveiled

CNC Software, Inc. unveils Mastercam Art artistic CAD/CAM
at the Mid-America Woodworking Expo, November 18-19. Read
the details at:


This issue of the WOODWEB Update is sponsored in part by
Accurate Technology:

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and Clearance/Close-Out specials at
on ProScale Digital measuring system products.

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=> Hot Threads

After building a custom kitchen, whose hands complete the
project - an installer's, or your own? If you've got
strong feelings on who should handle installation, or are
considering changing your ways, join the discussion at:

Enhancing your dust collection system... more complicated
than it might seem? This thread is working through one
man's plan to increase air filtration in his shop. Join

This cabinet manufacturer is moving to a larger facility,
where they'll start building and painting cabinet doors
for other companies. Before the transition, they're
seeking advice on the logistics of spray shop layout.

Don't be surprised to feel your stomach rumbling as you
read this thread. With so much talk of pickles, salt and
vinegar, you might want to grab a hoagie to round out the
meal. Think using the slats out of Heinz pickle vats as
stickers is a unique idea? Only on WOODWEB can you have a
chat with someone else who's done it before...


This issue of the WOODWEB Update is sponsored in part by
C.R. Onsrud, Inc.:

Manufacturer of CNC routers, inverted routers, and routing

Web highlights:
* Video Demos Online
* Machine Specifications
* 24 Hour Parts and Service
* User Testimonials



=> Knowledge Base Highlights

An exacting millworker seeks a perfect solid wood curve.
What is the proper treatment - soaking, steaming or
something else entirely?

What happens when you introduce a fancy new CNC machine to
a shop that is already run with great efficiency? Can this
high-tech equipment really help, or is it more likely to

Though melamine's quality for use in cabinets has been
questioned, some cabinetmakers find it may measure up a
little higher than the plywood they once so revered. Could
melamine be moving in?

Calling all cabinetmakers determined to achieve consistent
copes... this one's for you. Read about the tools and
techniques that make for a reliable system.

If you've ever struggled with the tedious process of
making fluted pilasters, this article may be music to your
ears. Don't be afraid to break with tradition!


This issue of the WOODWEB Update is sponsored in part by

Come see WoodBids.com, the premiere auction based website
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=> Value Added Wood Processing Forum Technical Advisor

Stephen M. Bratkovich is currently employed as a Forest
Products Specialist with the USDA Forest Service,
Northeastern Area, State & Private Forestry, St. Paul,
Minnesota. Current job duties include providing technical
assistance to State forestry agencies, non-profit
organizations, private industries and other clientele in
the subject areas of forest products marketing and
utilization. Bratkovich has a Bachelor of Science degree
from Penn State University and graduate degrees from the
University of New Hampshire and The Ohio State University.

Visit the Value Added Wood Processing Forum at:


=> Industry Sales and Special Offers

Martin Woodworking Machines has just announced a big end
of year sale on the Space, the Flatserver, and more. Learn

Find out how to promote your company on the Web.
If you're a supplier to the wood industry, visit WOODWEB's
Media Kit:
If you're a woodworking professional, visit the
Woodworkers Directory:

The WOODWEB Update is Copyright (c) WOODWEB, Inc. 2004
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