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	The WOODWEB Update - #101
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In this issue:

=> What's New at WOODWEB
(News from WOODWEB, as it happens)

=> Hot Threads
(A sampling of current forum discussions)

=> Dowelmaking Machinery at WOODWEB's Product Directory
(New vendor category just added)

=> Machinery Finder Reminder
(Find affordable equipment, fast)

=> Knowledge Base Highlights
(The latest additions to this growing resource)

=> Finishing Forum Technial Advisor
(Bob Niemeyer adds his expertise)


=> What's New at WOODWEB

To help visitors keep up to date on what's happening at
WOODWEB, we've revamped our What's New page. As items of
interest appear at WOODWEB, these 'highlights' will be
listed at our What's New Page.

Here's a list of areas we'll be covering at the revamped
What's New Page:

Knowledge Base
	- Keep tabs on new articles as they're added
'Hot Threads'
	- Heads up on interesting Forum discussions
	  as they develop
Industry Sales and Special Offers
	- Low down on great deals as they become
Featured Advertisers
	- New sources of supply that you may not be aware of
New Software
	- Demos and free software as they're added
	  to the Software Connection
General Announcements
	- Items of interest for professional woodworkers



=> Hot Threads

As the cold months creep up on us, our attention turns to
keeping warm during the winter. But when it comes to the
spray room, how can this finisher be sure his heating
method is safe? Suggestions are rolling in on how to keep
cozy - and non-combustible - while spraying.

A new question at the CNC Forum concerns inside corners:
is there a tool out there that can make the cut without a
radius? Join this discussion on techniques and tooling
that will produce a clean corner:

The good and bad of dado assembly is presented in a
recent post at the Cabinetmaking Forum. How do butt
joints compare? Weigh in with your opinion at:


This issue of the WOODWEB Update is
sponsored in part by WoodBids.com:

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=> Dowelmaking Machinery at WOODWEB's Product Directory

A new Dowelmaking Machinery category has just been added
to WOODWEB's Product Directory. Visit the vendors listed
there today:



=> Machinery Finder Reminder

If you aren't already making use of our improved and
easy-to-use Machinery Finder, don't forget to give it a try.
There are nearly 9,000 individual machine listings in the

database now, each one containing detailed pre-purchase
information and often accompanied by one or more photos.
Browse nearly eighty categories of equipment, or search
the entire database by machinery type, manufacturer,
location, and description. Users may also submit
Requests for Quote (RFQ's) that will be sent to machine
dealers worldwide. Check out the Machinery Finder at:


=> Knowledge Base Highlights

WOODWEB's Knowledge Base functions as an online, wood
industry library. It contains an extensive,
always-growing collection of articles from wood-industry
magazines and experts, and the best discussions from our
Interactive Forums. Whatever wood-related topic you're
wondering about, it's easy to find information by
searching or browsing the Knowledge Base. Here's the
place to start:

What happens when a run of cabinets comes up against a
wacky, out-of-plumb wall? Don't leave your corner cabs
hanging... here you'll find tips on preventing uneven
edges and unsightly gaps.

This article presents the process of building face
veneered exterior slab doors, in detail. Those in the
know have contributed their best advice on creating
stable, sealed doors.

Eight years ago, as cyberspace was forming, WOODWEB
appeared as an email list called WOODnetWORK. Since those
beginning days, Professor Gene Wengert - the very
knowledgeable Wood Doctor - has been active at WOODWEB,
placing a priority on education for woodworkers. Gene has
contributed to hundreds of our Knowledge Base entries,
and answers questions daily at our Sawing and Drying
Forum. Hat's off to one of the most knowledgeable experts
in his field. Our collection of Wood Doctor articles can
be viewed at:


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=> Finishing Forum Technial Advisor

Bob Niemeyer is a Technical Representative with over 23
years experience as a job estimator, lead finisher,
manager and trainer of personnel. Most recently, Bob
has been hired to teach wood finishing courses at
Madison Area Technical College (MATC). He also works for
ICA-North America as the North American Technical Support
representative. Bob currently also owns and
operates a furniture touch up business in the Madison,
Wisconsin area. Visit the Finishing forum at:


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The WOODWEB Update is Copyright (c) WOODWEB, Inc. 2003
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