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	The WOODWEB Update - #099
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In this issue:

=> Knowledge Base Highlights
(The latest additions to this growing resource)

=> Interested in Selling Lumber? 
(WoodPlanet Keeps Requests For Quotes Current)

=> Hot Threads
(A sampling of current forum discussions)

=> Industry News, Sales and Special Offers
(The latest and greatest in low prices and breaking news)

=> Cabinetmaking Forum Technical Advisor
(Meet Jon Elvrum)


=> WOODWEB Knowledge Base Highlights

Professional installers pitched in to create this article
- a very thorough list of must-have tools for the job.
Use it to check off the items in your truck, or perhaps
discover a bit of equipment that will make your on-site
life a little easier.

Multimedia entertainments centers are a whole new
challenge the modern high-end cabinetmaker must contend
with. Production is covered quite thoroughly in this
article, from essential design elements to handling of
electronic equipment.

An excellent and informative batch of Forest Service
publications have just been made available at WOODWEB in
PDF format. Click on the following links to View these
papers online or download them:

Quality Drying of Hardwood Lumber:

Quality Drying of Softwood Lumber:

Dry Kiln Schedules for Commercial Woods:

A Checklist for Drying Small Amounts of Lumber:

With brush marks and loose bristles messing up his
oil-based polyurethane application, this finisher wonders
if spraying would be a favorable method. Here are the
hows and whys as they relate to his problem and potential


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=> Interested in Selling Lumber?

WoodPlanet works hard to ensure that the requests you
read at WOODWEB's Wanted To Buy area are viable listings.
When a 'wanted to buy' request has been fulfilled, the
listing is promptly removed. If you'd like to review a
detailed list of potential orders, visit WOODWEB's
Lumber: Wanted To Buy area.


=> Hot Threads

Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place.
At the same time that this shop owner has become fed up
with his foreman's abusive attitude toward the other
employees, the same foreman's wife is in the hospital,
dying of cancer. It seems the only option is to fire the
foreman, but at a time like this? Your advice, from the
perspective of an unattached observer, is requested.

A rather sticky problem has arisen at the Cabinetmaking
Forum. How do *you* clean your glue pot? Contributors are
posting accounts of their experience, and a batch of
excellent accompanying images have been posted, too.
You'll see some scary glue station situations in these
full-color photos...

Will one furniture-builder's free-form dream become
another's logistical nightmare? Not with a little help
from the folks at the Furniture Making Forum. How best
to attach a solid maple edge to a very curvy conference
table? You decide:

No matter how sturdy a wooden structure, its parts will,
by nature, expand and contract. Just how much movement
can be expected of a well-nailed hardwood floor? Any
input, either experiential or scientific, will be


=> Industry News, Sales and Special Offers

You'll find excellent showroom prices on BIESSE machines
at the Industry Sales and Special Offers this month:
And learn why the folks at IWF 2004 see industry optimism
right now, and positive trends for our economic future at
the Industry News:


This issue of the WOODWEB Update is sponsored in part by

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=> Cabinetmaking Forum Technical Advisor

Jon Elvrum is a well known author and consultant
to the cabinetmaking industry. He has written
numerous articles on the 32mm cabinetmaking
system and production woodworking in general.
Visit the Cabinetmaking Forum at:

Find out how to promote your company on the Web.
If you're a supplier to the wood industry, visit
WOODWEB's Media Kit:
If you're a woodworking professional, visit the
Woodworkers Directory:

The WOODWEB Update is Copyright (c) WOODWEB, Inc. 2003
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